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The Robonauts Everybot Championship Grant powered by S&K Technologies

The Robonauts and Everybot crew strongly believe in the significant impact that attending the FIRST Championship event can have on a team’s aspirations and long-term sustainability. Many Everybot team members now consider their Championship experiences as core memories from their time in FIRST.

The Robonauts are excited to announce that for the 2024 season S&K Technologies will be funding a grant covering FIRST Championship registration fees for a qualified team using an Everybot or “Everybot-inspired”* mechanism. This grant will be funded as an unrestricted grant through FIRST and deposited into the awarded teams account immediately upon selection.

S&K Technologies is a professional and government services contractor owned by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, from the Flathead Reservation in western Montana.

S&K Engineering and Research, a subsidiary of S&K Technologies, is a strong supporter of the Robonauts, their outreach initiatives, and the larger robotics education pipeline in Clear Creek ISD. S&K employs many FIRST alumni as interns and engineers supporting the Software, Robotics, and Simulation Division at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

*It is up to the applying teams to determine if their design is “Everybot Inspired”

This grant was awarded to FRC Team 9668 West Robotics from Knoxville, Tennessee.

Best of luck to all teams - we look forward to seeing you at the FIRST Championship!